Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Journal Review at UNC Health Sciences Library

The current economic crisis has dramatically affected nearly all sectors of society at every level--locally, nationally, and internationally. The University of North Carolina is no exception, nor is the UNC Health Sciences Library. Updates on the university situation are available online.

To address the reduced budget for FY 2009-2010, which begins July 1, the Health Sciences Library is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of journal subscriptions, both electronic and print, in order to determine which titles might be dropped as a cost-savings measure. Journal subscriptions comprise approximately 95% of the library's acquisitions budget, so budget cuts significantly and directly impact the library's collections.

Users of the Health Sciences Library can learn more about the journal review process on the HSL web site. The site provides an FAQ, timeline, and cancellation criteria. Users are also invited to provide feedback online on journals that are candidates for cancellation. The library is committed to ensuring the development and maintenance of a strong research collection, and thus highly values input from potentially affected users.

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