Monday, August 31, 2009

Journal Cancellations at UNC Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library has concluded the journal review that it began earlier this summer, and selected 153 titles to be cancelled in 2010. Other titles on the review list will continue in 2010, but may be subject to cuts later on. The cancelled subscriptions will reduce expenditures by about $322,000, which will help the library meet its reduced budget due to statewide cuts. The list of cancellations is available online.

The library solicited input from a wide range of users before making any cancellation decisions, and applied several criteria to identify and evaluate candidates for reduction: cost per use; overall usage; impact on UNC audience; and cost effectiveness. Further information on the review process is available on the HSL web site. Updates on the UNC budget, including the Bain Report, are also available online.

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