Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bullitt Club & Trent Society Speakers for 2009-10

The Bullitt History of Medicine Club sponsors a collaborative series of monthly evening meetings with the Trent History of Medicine Society (alternating between UNC and Duke), as well as a series of noon meetings (at UNC). Both evening and noon schedules are provided below. All meetings are free and open to the public.

All UNC events will be held in the Fifth Floor Conference Room (#527), UNC Health Sciences Library. All Duke events will be held in the History of Medicine Reading Room (#102), Duke Medical Center Library.

For more information and directions, see the Bullitt Club web site. Bullitt lectures are also available as mp3s on the web site and via iTunes. Please note that the schedule is subject to change; check the web site for up-to-date information on Bullitt events.

Bullitt / Trent Evening Lectures

:: Dr. Philip Klemmer, Professor of Medicine, UNC School of Medicine
Jack London's Mysterious Malady
[UNC] September 15, 2009 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. Gordon Klintworth, Wadsworth Research Professor, Ophthalmology, Duke University
The Lady in America’s Most Famous Painting
[Duke] October 13, 2009 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. Michael McVaugh, Professor Emeritus of History, UNC
Arabic into Latin (Or, Why Medical Schools Got Started)
[UNC] November 10, 2009 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. Edward C. Halperin, Dean, School of Medicine, University of Louisville
Historical Problems Posed by the 100th Anniversary of Flexner’s Report on Medical Education
[Duke] December 8, 2009 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. Keith Wailoo, Professor of History, Rutgers University
Title to be announced.
[UNC] January 19, 2010 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. H. Michael Jones, Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UNC School of Medicine
Poverty, Pellagra, and the Tale of a Tar Heel
[Duke] February 9, 2010 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. Margaret Humphreys, Josiah Charles Trent Professor in the History of Medicine, Duke University
The South's Secret Weapons: Disease, Environment and the Civil War
[UNC] March 30, 2010 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

:: Dr. William Bradford, Professor of Pathology, Duke University
Pathology at Duke As I Remember It
[Duke] April 13, 2010 — Tuesday, 5:30pm

Bullitt Noontime Lectures

:: Dr. Barbara Clowse, Historian and Author
Dr. Frances Sage Bradley: Her Biographer's Dilemmas
[UNC] September 29, 2009 — Tuesday, 12-1pm

:: Dr. Janna Dieckmann, Associate Professor of Nursing, UNC School of Nursing
Home-Visiting by Nurses, Physicians, and Physical Therapists in North Carolina, 1950-1965
[UNC] October 19, 2009 — Monday , 12-1pm

:: Chris Dibble, MD/PhD student, UNC School of Medicine; Winner of 2009 McLendon-Thomas Award in the History of Medicine
The Dead Ringer: Medicine, Poe, and the Fear of Premature Burial
[UNC] December 10, 2009 — Thursday, 12-1pm

:: Dr. Alexander Toledo, Assistant Professor of Surgery, UNC School of Medicine
Title to be announced.
[UNC] February 18, 2010 — Thursday, 12-1pm

:: Dr. Carol Otey, Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, UNC School of Medicine
Oral Contraception: From Ancient Plant Extracts to the Birth of the Pill
[UNC] April 22, 2010 — Thursday, 12-1pm

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