Monday, November 23, 2009

UNC Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course are both designed for UNC graduate students, doctoral candidates, post-docs, faculty and staff to complement their studies in traditional disciplines with an exploration of how entrepreneurship is changing their fields and learn how to conceive, plan and execute new commercial and nonprofit ventures.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is an open-enrollment course open to any UNC graduate student, doctoral candidate, post-doc or faculty or staff member, regardless of whether they intend to pursue the full certificate. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Students may choose an introductory course in one of three areas:

:: Artistic Entrepreneurship — creating for-profit and nonprofit ventures in any industry related to the arts, from music, film, gaming, performing arts, creative writing to graphic design, photography, and arts and crafts.

:: Scientific Entrepreneurship — entrepreneurship, technology transfer and venture creation related to any field of science.

:: Social Entrepreneurship — using social entrepreneurship to address social needs and launching new ventures with a social purpose.

The Graduate Certificate requires nine credit hours for completion, including the introductory course. It is offered in two sequences, Literacy and Enterprise Creation, based on students' interests and whether they intend to create a real business or nonprofit.

For more information, contact: Margaret Swanson, Graduate Certificate Registrar, (919) 962-2753,

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