Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Call for Manuscripts: Rochester Studies in Medical History

The University of Rochester Press is seeking manuscripts for its series Rochester Studies in Medical History (RSMH). The Editor of the Series is Theodore M. Brown, Ph.D., Professor of History, Community and Preventive Medicine, and Medical Humanities at the University of Rochester. He is assisted by a panel of distinguished scholars from a variety of institutions. The editorial board is seeking a mix of titles and formats, ranging from monographs by a single author to edited volumes representing many authors and points of view.

The series has three major foci: the history of public health and health policy; the history of clinical and investigative medicine; and the history of the social and cultural significance of medicine and disease. Special interests include the history of measures aimed at controlling disease in populations, biomedical and epidemiological research and their applications in practice, and the cultural implications of medicine and its institutions.

Anyone interested in making a submission for consideration is requested to send a project proposal or prospectus. The project proposal should include: 1) a brief but detailed synopsis of the work, outlining its intended contribution to the existing literature; 2) an abstract of 300 words or less, summarizing the work's content; 3) a complete Table of Contents; 4) one sample chapter. All scholars with an interest in submitting their work for consideration should contact the Editor.

Theodore M. Brown, Ph.D., Series Editor
University of Rochester

Send proposals to:

University of Rochester Press
668 Mt. Hope Avenue
Rochester, New York 14620

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