Monday, May 10, 2010

NCpedia Seeking Contributors

The State Library of North Carolina is looking for authors for our growing NCpedia – our online encyclopedia. We are unable to offer payment for this work, but are able to offer by-lines and appreciation!

We are starting with broad, overview articles. Topics will get narrower and narrower as the project moves forward and the NCpedia grows. For instance, a broad, overview article may be on pottery in the state as well as its current status. After those overview articles are added, we’ll look for authors to write entries that provide more detail on time periods and/or narrower topics mentioned in the initial overview article.

Anyone interested in contributing is encouraged to peruse the NCpedia and contact Michelle Czaikowski, Digital Projects Manager for the State Library with the topic on which you are interested in writing, even if the topic is still listed on our list of "Topics Needed." This will insure there is no duplication. (We don't want anyone to go through the effort of writing an article on a topic already fully covered!)

Entries may vary in length between 500 - 2000 words depending on the topic. Further details on format required for submissions is available online.

Interested in learning more about the NCpedia? Click here!

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